Kris & Susanna Carlson

About Us

Susanna and Kristofer have had an interesting life, with a wide variety of life experiences. We have traveled the world, enjoying its varied geography and rich cultures. We have been fortunate enough to gain a variety of degrees and certifications, which enable us to have a comfortable life. However, things have not always been so good, which has given us a certain perspective on the world. Maybe we have something to offer, or maybe not. The customer is always right in matters of taste.

Our Content

We have been fortunate enough to have written a wide variety of content.


We have traveled and throughout the United States and lived in various places in Europe and the Middle East.


In 1988, Kristofer was introduced to the wonderful world of DOS 3.0 running on an Intel 286, a 16 bit chip running at between 5 MHz and 8 MHz. Today’s GUI may be easier to use, but there is something to be said for running your OS from the command line.


Susanna and Kristofer both grew up in Christian fundamentalist households. In our twenties we gradually became disenchanted with both Fundamentalism and its slightly more reasonable twin, Evangelicalism. We spend twenty years as confessional Lutherans before finding our way to Eastern Orthodoxy.


We have been fortunate enough to have shared our lives with a variety of dogs and cats, but as we approach our dotage, we find cats easier to manage.