Valuable Patristic Resources

Church of Greece Library and Home page

Patristic texts OnLine (at the Church of Greece)

The New Testament with Patristic Commentary in Greek original (at the Church of Greece)

Bilingual Greek / English and Greek / Russian New Testament (Byzantine Greek original, at Elpenor)

Bilingual (Greek original / English translation) anthology of Greek texts (all periods, at Elpenor)

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) (at Irvine university)

Greek Lessons and Language resources (at Elpenor)

Greek Mystics in Greek original - An anthology (Philokalia) (at Ellopos)

Creation of the World (Bilingual texts) Gregory of Nyssa, Septuagint Genesis, Plato Timaeus (at Elpenor)

Turcograecia, by M. Crucius (at Mannheim university)

A History of the Byzantine empire, by Al. Vasiliev (at Elpenor)

Greek Orthodoxy - From Apostolic Times to the Present Day, by Demetrios Constantelos (at Elpenor)

Constantinople Home Page (at Elpenor)

Perseus Greek texts (at Tufts university)