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"How did I end up here?," I often ask myself. I answer myself back, which bothers me more than a little. I won't bore you with that, but I will fill these pages with information you may find useful. Much of what you will find online and in the guidebooks about Naples, (known as Napoli to the Italians,) will not help you to live here. You'll never find a phrase book that tells you how to ask for a radiator hose, for example. The guidebooks will also never explain how to convert from American to  European sized undergarments.  What you need is information on how to live here.

You need advice about how to find a house, whether to bring a car, what kind of Internet service is available, etc. I hope you will find these pages useful. If you have questions I haven't answered, please e-mail me. I don't promise to answer them personally, but eventually the answers may find their way into these pages. I'll eventually give you a bibliography of useful books and links to sites where you can purchase them.

The Naples area contains several military installations spread out over around 600 square miles. Your orders may say "Naples," but that is probably not where you will be staying. The U.S. Navy maintains four area bases: the old Navy Support Site in Agnano, Italy; the new housing area in Gricignano, (ultimately to replace the Agnano base,); a Naval Air Station at the Naples (Capocichino) airport; and the 6th Fleet headquarters at Gaeta, Italy. The NATO Southern Region Headquarters (AFSOUTH) is in Bagnoli.  NATO also maintains an HF Receiver Site at Lago Patria, (moving to Licola,) and an HF Transmitter Site in Castlevolturno. Ultimately the NATO base in AFSOUTH will move into new quarters in Lago Patria, near the Receiver Site.

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