Kris & Susanna Carlson

bulletIcelandic Adventure
bulletLife in Iceland
bulletThe Military in Iceland
bulletExploring Iceland
bulletPhotographs & Paintings of Iceland

bulletBookends (About Naples)
bulletCameos & Globalization
bulletFind a Hotel in Italy
bulletEverything about Capri

Saudi Arabia
bulletSaudi Arabia
bulletForeign Workers 
bulletThe Saudi People

Social Sciences & Related Things
bulletRandom Thoughts on Organizational Behavior
bulletTo Marry Or Not
bulletOutstanding Books for Writers

Politics & Foreign Policy
bulletUntying the Gordian Knot (Written well before the Intefada.  My analysis would be different now, but the basic information is still relevant.)
bulletRethinking NATO
bulletThis is not a free country
Destroying Iraq To Save It

bulletRafael Mendez
bulletNorm Carlson
bulletWhy People Can't Sing

Bone Marrow Donation
bulletA Donor's Journal



Science and Technology
bulletTechnology Trends
bulletMass Transit Murders
bulletWhy are some downloads faster than others?
bulletADSL and Dial-Up Modem Information  
bulletSetting up peer-to-peer home networks  
bulletWhat If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals?
bulletThe Case Against XML
bulletHow to cure virus infections
bulletNetwork Design And The Choice Of Physical Media
bullet Solving OS install problems after motherboard upgrade
bulletA Network Performance Analysis
bulletComparing Web Languages (right click and save)
bulletWireless Home Network Problems
bulletWindows Media Player 10 Problems
bullet11 Reasons Why iTunes Sucks
bulletStored Procedures

Lutheran Theology
bulletWhat is Normative in Theology
bulletThe Sacramentel Understanding of the Divine Service
bulletOrthodox, Evangelical, Charismatic?
bulletChurch Conflict and the Sacrament of the Altar
bulletCredo: I Believe
bulletIs Our Confessional Subscription Important?
bulletManaging Church Conflict
bulletOpen Questions and the Formula of Concord
bulletQuia or Quatenus: What is our Subscription?
bulletThe Church of the Undead
bulletThe Process of the Divine Call
bulletMillennialism and Open Questions
bulletThe Iowa Synod, the ALC, and Open Questions
bulletWhy a Seminary Education?
bulletAFLC and the The AALC
bulletThe Call Process
bulletIssues Concerning the Doctrine of the Call
bulletThe Divine Call - Doctrine and Practice
bulletThe Prophet, the Preacher, and the Prophecy
bulletHere There be Open Questions
bulletThe Ohio Synod and Open Questions
bulletHermeneutics and The Archetypal Image
bulletWe Proclaim and Celebrate
bulletPartly Cloudy, With Showers Of Blessing
bulletSigns and Wonders
bulletLutheran Church Polity in America
bulletClean Through the Word
bulletLutheran Evangelism
bulletLimning the Lectionary
bulletThe Problem of Innerancy
bulletKirche und Amt (Written some time ago; I happened across the soft copy)

bulletBBC World News
bulletEisenbrauns Near East and Biblical studies
bulletProject Wittenberg
bulletChristian Classics Ethereal Library
bulletValuable Patristic Resources
bulletThe Online Bible
bulletOrson Scott Card
bulletFred Reed

bulletThe Way The World Works
bulletThe Art of Seduction
bulletLarge Numbers, the Ancients, and Millenialism
bulletThe Millennium and the Anti-Nicene Fathers
bulletMillennialism and the Three Ecumenical Creeds
bulletMillennialism and the Catholicity of the Faith
bulletDispensationalism and the Kingdom (updated)

bulletCrossing the Bosporus
bulletA Reconciliation with Orthodoxy
bulletWhy Mary Matters - Protestants and the Virgin Mary (Amazon sales)
bulletWhy Mary Matters - blog
bulletWhy Mary Matters - Google+


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